How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas on a Budget

The holiday season is approaching and it’s only natural that we want to make your homes a little cozier especially for the big holiday. Although almost every store offers something to decorate your home with, but how to buy décor that will make your home cozy and elegant and not kitschy and cluttered? In this article, we’re hoping to give you an answer to this question. 

1. Christmas is not only about red and green

Granted — these two colors are the easiest way to create Christmas mood, but if you overindulge in this bright color combo, you are risking making your room look too loud and gaudy. Simple color combinations, like white and gold, are more tasteful and can still feel festive. Think elegant candle holders, or white/golden festive lights to add a sophisticated touch to your Christmas décor, without making it look less festive. If it doesn’t feel the same without green and red, use them as an accent rather than a main motif by adding a festive cushion or two.

2. DIY all the way

DIY is a great way to avoid expenses in general, but at Christmas is gets a new meaning. Instead of buying an artificial Christmas tree which can be terrible for the environment and cost a fortune as the season approaches, you can make a tree yourself. Unleash your imagination and invite your family to join in the fun — Internet is full of tutorials on how to make a gorgeous Christmas tree solely out of festive lights, wood or paper.

3. Think creatively and upcycle

If you are aiming to save money without sacrificing the festive mood in your house, turn on your imagination. Almost every item in your house can be a base for a piece of Christmas décor — for example, these empty glass bottles can be beautiful candle holders, and old scrap paper is a perfect material for making Christmas cones and snowflakes.

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