How to Use Colors to Make Your Home Cozier

If you are tired of lifeless and dull minimalism that used to be trendy couple of years ago, it may be a good time to bring comfort and coziness into your home. If you are worried that your new design is going to be costly, don’t worry. It doesn’t take a new furniture set to create a cozy mood in your home — sometimes, a new color scheme may be enough. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to utilize color combinations to make your home cozy.

1. It’s all about warmth

The key to coziness? We usually associate this feeling with comfort and warmth. So add it — either literally or figuratively. Place a couple of candles on your coffee table or warm up your place by adding warm accents. As a rule of thumb, you can take your wall color and make your accents darker and intense. For example, if you have pale peach walls, you can go for citrus orange pillows.

2. Natural = cozy

Natural materials, like bamboo, flax, or wood, can be great accents if cool neutral colors are predominant in your home. Don’t abuse these materials or you risk turning your living room into a barn. Think of furniture, like floor lamp with flax lampshade or bamboo window shades, as of means to warm up a cool space, rather than a base for an interior.

3. Balance dark and bright

In order to truly enliven your home, you need to create contrast while also balancing strong colors. For example, mustard armchairs can be great companions for a burgundy sofa. To bind the colors together, think of a detail with a pattern incorporating both of these colors. It can be a geometric rug or floral curtains that will create a perfect finishing touch to a room.

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